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1st Birthday cake smash photos.

Updated: Mar 29

Continuing on from our Cake smash photoshoots....What are they? blog post, here we will explain a little more about our cake smashes and what sets them apart from others.

Also called a 'smash cake' shoot our 1st birthday cake smash photo shoots are the best way we can think of to celebrate your child's milestone 1st birthday. But what do you actually get when booking with SLJ Photography LTD?

baby boy cake smash shoot


At SLJ Photography LTD we have 3 cake smash package options available for you to choose from, we have Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All packages include a mini shoot, used to capture some amazing images of your little one before the mess. This is also a fantastic way to allow your child to get relaxed in the studio and build confidence in front of the camera. But what do they include?

First birthday photoshoot for my child
Mini Shoot

Our Bronze shoot includes:

. 1 hour 30 mins in the studio

. Image Editing

Smash cake mini baker photo shoot for childs 1st birthday.
Mini Baker

Our Silver shoot includes:

. 2 hours in the studio

. Use of our chef's outfit

. Image Editing

first birthday cake smash with tin bath photo shoot
Gold Cake Smash

Our Gold shoot includes:

. 2 hours 30 mins in the studio

. Use of our chef's outfit

. Image Editing


Now you know what SLJ Photography LTD offers let us talk about what's involved in each shoot.

The 'Mini Shoot'.

This shoot can be for your little one alone or can also include parents and/or siblings. The shoot involves a short shoot (around 10- 15 mins), allowing us to get to know your little one and to allow everyone to relax and have some fun.

Parents and/or siblings can be in these pictures if you wish or, you may like to include some favorite baby toys or sentimental items from your child's 1st year.

This shoot is a fantastic way to get your little one relaxed and comfortable in the studio. It also gives our photographer and your little one the opportunity to get to know each other and allows for a more relaxed and fun Cake Smash.

The Mini Baker

The 'Mini Baker' shoot is included in our Silver and Gold packages.

For the 'Mini Baker' shoot we will set the scene for your little one with a mixing bowl filled with flour, a set of scales a cookbook, and a load of sprinkles all over the floor. To ensure maximum mess we will then bring out the cream and syrup.

With mixing spoons in hand your little one will be encouraged to make as much mess as possible.

For this shoot, we will provide the chef's outfit and all the props required to create the scene. You are welcome to bring anything extra you would like included in the pictures however please be aware that they will get messy.

The Cake Smash.

This is the main event, the part where the cake comes out and your little one destroys it. For this shoot you will need to provide the cake, this ensures against any possible allergies that your little one may have.

Again, we will set the scene with your choice of backdrop to match your chosen theme. You will need to provide the outfit for this shoot but, please be advised it may be 'ruined' (it can make a great keepsake though) due to the amount of mess and your choice of cake.

The Bath Shoot.

For this shoot, we bring out our old Tin Bath, fill it with warm bubbly water, and let your little one splash around as much as they like whilst getting squeaky clean again.

Viewing your pictures.

After your shoot, your images will be edited by our professional in-house editing team. You will then be invited back to our viewing room and be able to see all your beautiful images on our big screen. Our team will then run through all of our options and offers and allow you to decide on what images you'd like and in what size or format. We pride ourselves in a no-pressure approach which is why there is no minimum order.

We've added some frequently asked questions below but, If you'd like more information on anything specific, please contact us via the link below.

Or if you know which shoot you'd like just follow the link below to check our availability.

Which cake should I get?

What should I bring with me?

My child has allergies, can I still book?

What about photosensitive epilepsy?

When will I get my pictures?

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