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Cake smash photoshoots....What are they?

At SLJ Photography we get so many parents asking about cake smash photoshoots for their little ones we thought it about time we dedicated one of our blog sessions to this very subject.

If you'd like to know what to consider and expect from a cake smash photo shoot then please read on. Or, if you are considering one of our other shoots, please check out our main website here.


Cake Smashes

Child having a cakesmash photoshoot
Cake smash

What is a Cake Smash?

Put simply, a cake smash is where we not only allow your child to demolish a birthday cake, we actually encourage them to create as much mess as they possibly can (don't worry, we will do all the cleaning afterwards). Whilst your child is having so much fun creating all that mess, we will be there capturing all the magical moments.

Who has a cake smash?

Honestly.... anyone can have a cake smash. Although traditionally they have been for a child's 1st birthday we are seeing more and more older children being treated to a cake smash, and honestly, the pictures are amazing!! We have actually done an adults version too, although there was more prosecco than cake so we don't know what to call it... maybe prosecco smash or even smashed on prosecco, you can decide.

What to expect during my cake smash session?

Mess! That's it really, expect mess, lots and lots of mess. We would recommend that you bring a change of clothes, not just for your little one but also yourself too. Remember when your child gets excited and is having so much fun, they will want to get you involved and give you lots of hugs... you will get some cake on you. If your shoot is for a one year old please also bring a bottle or sippy cup with water, cake can be very sweet and a refreshing drink of plain water always goes down a treat.

If you have any questions about our cake smash sessions please don't hesitate to contact us, or if you'd like to see what offers and packages we have please have a look here.

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