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What is a Cake Smash Photo Shoot?

Cake smash photo Little girl celbrates her 1st birthday with a cake smash photo shoot.

A cake smash photo shoot is a fun and memorable way to celebrate your child's birthday and capture some adorable photos that you'll treasure for years to come.

The concept is simple: you provide a cake, and we capture the moment when your little one dives into it!

CCake smash photo. One year old cake smash photoshoot. Little girl with cake on her face. Cute 1st birthday cake smash photo shoot

Once we're ready to start, your child will be placed with the cake in front of them, and we'll encourage them to explore and play with it. We'll capture all of the messy, adorable moments on camera, from frosting-covered faces to fistfuls of cake.

Having a cake smash photo shoot of your child is a great way to capture a special moment in their life whilst also creating lasting memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

If a Cake Smash sounds good, but you'd like a bit more WOW,

Read on to see what else we can offer...

The Mini Baker Shoot

Once the shoot starts, we'll encourage your child to explore and play with the ingredients, mixing bowls, and kitchen tools such as spatulas, whisks, and rolling pins. We'll capture candid and playful moments of your child as they engage in various baking and cooking activities, from mixing ingredients to throwing them all over the place.

What is a Mini Baker Shoot?

A mini baker shoot is a fun and creative way to capture images of your child engaged in baking and cooking activities.


During the shoot, your child will be dressed in chef's white's, complete with a chef's hat and chequered trousers, which we can provide or you can bring your own.

Mini baker shoot. Cake smash. One year old child having a mini baker photoshoot. Cakesmash

We'll set up the scene with props, backgrounds, and lighting to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for your child*.

Child baker, photo shoot Cake Smash photos

The Bath Shoot

What is a Bath Shoot?

A bath shoot is a very popular choice for any parent who wants to capture some truly unique and memorable images of their child. It's a fun and playful experience that your child is sure to enjoy, and it will create some amazing photo opportunities.

During the shoot, your child will sit in a vintage tin bath, which we'll provide, and play with water and bubbles.

Child in vintage tin bath, big yellow rubber duck, cake smash photoshoot, 1st birthday photo session

Once the shoot starts, we'll encourage your child to play and have fun with the water and bubbles in the tin bath. We'll capture candid and playful moments of your child as they splash around, smile, and laugh.

  • Includes a mini family shoot plus cake smash.

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    1 hr 30 min

    60 British pounds
  • Includes the family shoot, 'mini baker' shoot and cake smash.

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    2 hr

    80 British pounds
  • The ultimate smash. Includes, family shoot, mini baker, cake smash pl...

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    2 hr 30 min

    100 British pounds
* Please note that due to possible allergies, we cannot supply any ingredients or edible items for your shoot. Should you require any further information please contact us.
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