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Our Climate Commitment.

Big or Small

Despite only being a small family-run business we at SLJ Photography believe we too have a part to play in preserving this planet for the next generation.  With this in mind we have already taken the following steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Electricity Supplier.

We have chosen our electricity suppliers based on them using 100% renewable, despite the extra cost we believe this is the biggest commitment we can make.


Whilst renovating our new studio we opted to double up the roof tiles in our floating ceiling, this has aided us in insulating the space and using much less power to heat.


Whilst renovating our studio we removed 20 old-style light fittings each with 4x 20w bulbs. These were using a combined 1.6 kWh or 12.8 kW per 8-hour day. Instead, we installed 8 led light panels using 40w each giving a combined usage of  0.32 Kw/h or 2.56 kW per day. which adds up to a saving of  10.24 kW per day. 

Fossil Fuel

Our company vehicle is 100% electric and our studio uses no gas or any form of fossil fuel.

These changes are the start of our commitment to sustainability. We truly believe that if all businesses, big and small work together we really can make a difference.
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